Creative Designs
with Performance

Pyrok Inc. provides seamless and durable sound absorbing wall and ceiling treatments for architectural design. It is our mission to assist our architectural, consulting and contracting clients on how to integrate our sound absorbing products into their projects. We pride ourselves on taking a sustainable and proactive approach to acoustical considerations in the design phase.

We provide unsurpassed service starting in the design phase and continuing during the construction phase. We also offer assistance to cleaning and repair years after a project has been occupied.

Pyrok Inc. manufactures and/or distributes:

Pyrok StarSilent, a hand applied smooth or slightly textured spray applied product that utilizes a special sound absorbing substrate composed of recycled post consumer glass.

Pyrok Acoustement, a spray applied acoustical plaster that is manufactured in portland cement or gypsum plaster formulations.

Vogl is a perforated gypsum board product with many different perforation patterns and patented joint taping system that is unequal in the industry.